Living The Noom, designed by Mexican architects Sanzpont Arquitectura and Pedrajo Mas Pedrajo Arquitectos, is a concept of living designed around wellness and, in particular, the benefits of coexisting with nature—exemplified in the community’s exceptional green cover.

The project plan calls for three roughly triangular four-story buildings with soft, rounded edges, arranged around a central pool deck. The core concrete structures are encased in a bamboo latticework façade, which will support vegetation across all sides of the building and provide natural ventilation in the residential units.

The structures will occupy only 30% of the lot and will restore approximately 26,900 square feet of lost vegetation via green roofs and façade plantings. In all, the finished project will provide 130% of the green surface area of the original lot. “Our duty should simply be to improve each place where we decide to build, we must simply coexist and have respect for the earth,” the architects say. “That is the reason why we have decided to only occupy a maximum of 30% of the land ... in addition to providing even more green surface than we found.”

The units range from between 646 and 1,292 square feet and feature open floor plans that can be configured to suit the residents’ needs. The rooftops will serve as a lounge area, solar array, and community garden.

A full program of sustainable operation strategies, including rain harvesting, graywater treatment, and vegetative cover to reduce the “heat island” effect, is projected to save up to 85% of the energy costs otherwise associated with operating a development of this size.

The community is under construction in Cancún, Mexico, with completion expected in 2023.