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Sudha Reddy of Haven Realty Capital recently said that we are in the first inning of the build-to-rent (BTR) game. Zonda's research into consumer preferences, the new and more attractive product being built, and our database all back up that sentiment.

It’s a sector searching for definition and analysis, which is why Zonda’s BTR database and outlook research will roll out this summer. We are undertaking the task of aggregating BTR products in the U.S.—bungalows, townhomes, high-density detached, and detached.

It’s a big job, and it’s long overdue. The appetite for information was evident in late March in Dallas, when more than 350 people gathered at Zonda’s Future of Build-to-Rent conference to try and piece the sector together and help each other understand what might be coming down the road.

Here are nine things that I took away from the panels that I think you’d benefit from hearing.

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