In our Concept Community Chat series, we have conversations with the innovators working at the cutting edge of design, technology, and trends in the multifamily space as they relate to renters by choice.

MFE editor Christine Serlin chats with Jamie Gorski, senior vice president and chief experience officer of GID. GID owns and operates over 48,000 multifamily units across the United States. The firm’s vertically integrated operating platform provides a broad scope of knowledge and experience in managing, operating, and investing in multifamily properties. Windsor Communities, GID’s in-house property management company, manages the company’s multifamily communities across the nation. Windsor’s on-the-ground operations provides the firm’s professionals an acute understanding of local markets and real-time investment conditions.

Gorski discusses the importance of understanding and appealing to the renters by choice demographic. She also delves into how data is influencing GID’s strategies for meeting these renters’ expectations and needs.