Scott Turner
JPI Scott Turner

National multifamily developer, builder, and investment manager JPI recently named Scott Turner as chief visionary officer. Working closely with the executive leadership team, Turner will implement a comprehensive strategic vision to drive the company's growth and expansion while promoting a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement.

Multifamily Executive reached out to Turner to learn more about the wealth of experience he brings to the company and his plans for JPI.

MFE: How does it feel to be appointed as chief visionary officer at JPI?

Turner: I’m extremely humbled to have been appointed chief visionary officer and am committed to helping JPI go to the next level. I look forward to working alongside the leadership team and all associates at JPI to bring our vision to life.

MFE: Is there a specific growth plan you’re wanting to prioritize?

Turner: There is so much on the horizon for JPI, but one thing that will remain consistent is the holistic approach we take when exploring a new community. We pride ourselves on showing the same level of dedication to our trade partners, investors, and residents as we do our associates. The project has to be right for everyone to be involved.

One thing we are focused on right now at JPI is our investment in construction technology to help promote enhanced efficiency. We’ve added two full-time resources to our team that are specifically focused on reducing redundancies in data entry; enhancing the building, accessibility, and replication of schedules; and deploying drone technology to identify construction cost savings through mapping. There’s so much that can be done in this area to impact construction at every turn. I’m excited to see how we can optimize our processes for gains.

MFE: How will you aim to provide vision for JPI’s short- and long-term goals?

Turner: I gained a great amount of valuable insight into JPI’s vision over the two years I served as an adviser to the executive leadership team. This knowledge paired with my extensive background in community development will serve JPI and its associates at a higher level than ever before.

Before working with JPI, I had the great honor to serve our country under Dr. Ben Carson as the first executive director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council in the Trump administration. In this role, I worked with key community stakeholders in federally designated Opportunity Zones to serve underresourced communities by way of new construction and business development.

One of the most unique things I’ve noticed during my time at JPI is that our executive team values collaboration with our associates and works hand in hand with them to create the best possible outcome for everyone involved—our company, our partners, and our communities. Our CEO, Payton Mayes, puts it perfectly, "At JPI, the best idea in the room wins, no matter who it comes from. We move forward with the vision and the strategy that will take us all to the next level. It’s not about the credit; it’s about winning together as a team."

MFE: What has the transition from adviser to chief visionary officer been like so far?

Turner: The transition has been seamless. I give all the credit to the excellent leadership and strong teams that have been developed at JPI. When we say, “people first,” we mean it.

I think everyone kind of expects to feel welcomed on the first day and even into the first week and month. This team goes above and beyond to make all associates feel special and loved all the time, no matter how long someone has been at the company. It’s widely known that companies that prioritize their people are exceedingly more successful than companies that don’t. This is a huge part of why JPI has made a significant impact on the lives of all who call it home.

MFE: Are there any strategies or projects in the pipeline you’d like to share?

Turner: Last year, JPI responded to the growing demand for affordable and senior housing by starting three communities serving the Dallas-Fort Worth market. We plan to continue identifying and meeting similar needs in the markets that we serve.

MFE: What are some of the largest challenges multifamily developers are currently facing?

Turner: It’s more expensive than ever to build, and developers need access to more capital in order to grow their business. We are already thinking through the most effective ways to capitalize on the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. This proactive mindset plays so perfectly into the vision we are working toward!

MFE: How do you hope to drive expansion for JPI?

Turner: I had an immediate connection with the people at JPI since I started working with them as an adviser, so it was easy for me to act as an advocate for them. My plan is to foster and build upon my industry relationships. I will also serve as an ambassador for JPI companies and as a representative in local, state, and federal government relationships.

MFE: Is there anything you want readers to know about yourself or JPI?

Turner: JPI is already one of the leading developers with approximately $1.6 billion in privately held real estate under development that includes more than 9,000 apartment homes and another 8,000 residential spaces under construction.

As for me, I think people would find it interesting that my wife Robin and I started our own legacy foundation a couple of years ago after I left the White House. Our nonprofit, Community Engagement & Opportunity Council, serves those living in underresourced communities across America through sports, mentorship, and economic opportunity and is supported by private partners.

It’s truly amazing how perfect God’s timing is. I was introduced to JPI around the same time we started our foundation, and I remember being amazed at how our missions are so tightly aligned. In our own ways, we impact those living in communities that desperately need to be revitalized economically, spiritually, and physically.

On another note, I like to shoot sporting clays, play golf, and learn new things, but if anyone’s up for a challenge in the 40-yard dash, let me know!