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Deirdre Kuring

President, WinnResidential

For Deirdre Kuring, success has come from embracing every opportunity for growth, starting in her youth. She credits her mother's strength and determination as an inspiration and her three brothers with preparing her to deal with men in the business world.

As Kuring began her career, a "fantastic" manager at one of her first multifamily jobs helped her see that the unexpected career choice was a keeper.

"She opened my eyes to the industry. That's what launched my career, and I knew then that this was something I wanted to do," Kuring says.

Given her recent promotion to president of one of the largest multifamily property management firms in the country, it's obvious the decision was a good one. While the path to success included challenges and some tough managers, those were some of her most valuable learning experiences.

"I've [learned] a couple of lifelong lessons from people who were hard on me," Kuring says. "I adopted a philosophy that you can't dwell on things that you can't control, because that's being counterproductive."

Now, Kuring is one of the mentors passing on valuable lessons to the next generation of industry leaders. "When we bring people into the company, we give them a great training background, not just in how to do the mechanics of the job, but also in how to be a great leader," she says.

That empowerment will be a differentiator in the coming years as WinnCompanies continues to expand its national profile—a goal Kuring is dedicated to ­accomplishing.