This year, something will definitely be bigger in Texas.

Austin topped the list of America’s 10 fastest-growing cities for the second year in a row, according to Forbes, which used data from Moody’s Analytics to compile its 2012 rankings, which are weighted based on a combination of each metro’s median income, unemployment rate, and projected economic growth. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are there too, and all four Lone Star cities can expect population growth of at least 2 percent through 2016, says Moody’s.

About four-fifths of the country—the largest percentage in American history—live in large cities, according to The Huffington Post. Urban migration to these metros is a sign of healthy local economies. Indeed, a common thread among many on the list, including Austin, Seattle, Raleigh, San Jose, and San Francisco, is their strong base of technology companies and universities. High walkability and access to public transit, decreasing the need for auto transportation, doesn’t hurt either.

Houston could find itself higher on the list this year, in light of recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data that show the city as having the second-highest annual job-growth rate in the nation. 

1. Austin, Texas
    Current population: 1.8 million
    Population growth rate: 2.8 percent 
2. Dallas, Texas
    Current population: 6.23 million
    Population growth rate: 2.2 percent
3. San Jose, Calif.
    Current population: 1.88 million
    Population growth rate: 0.9 percent
4. Houston, Texas
    Current population: 6.23 million
    Population growth rate: 2.0 percent
5. Salt Lake City, Utah
    Current population: 1.16 million
    Population growth rate: 1.5 percent
6. Raleigh, N.C.
    Current population: 1.21 million
    Population growth rate: 3.8 percent
7. Seattle, Wash.
    Current population: 3.54 million
    Population growth rate: 1.2 percent
8. San Francisco, Calif.
    Current population: 4.4 million
    Population growth rate: 0.9 percent
9. San Antonio, Texas
    Current population: 2.25 million
    Population growth rate: 2.1 percent
10. Atlanta, Ga.
    Current population: 5.4 million
    Population growth rate: 1.7 percent