Commercial real estate analytics platform Markerr has just closed a $5 million Series A fundraising round, led by RET Ventures and joined by Continental Realty Corp., Twin Shores Capital, Joe Lettween, and actor and investor Edward Norton.

“The real estate industry has the opportunity to achieve tremendous efficiencies and growth by incorporating actionable, real-time data into their workflow,” says Brian Lichtenberger, CEO and founder of Markerr. “By leveraging technology to connect multiple data sets, data science, and domain expertise, Markerr is building the central data and insights platform to power CRE decision-making.”

The Markerr system includes dashboards, complete data sets, and research reports for commercial real estate investors, providing information on income, demographics, employment, and hiring statistics down to the block group level—the most precise geographic indicator tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau, smaller than ZIP codes.

The service’s Property Evaluation dashboard provides granular information about a given property, with comparisons available to benchmarks by block group, submarket, and MSA. According to Markerr, this allow clients to better understand the potential of any property, informing decisions about management and rental rates.

“For real estate professionals, deep market knowledge is essential to the decision-making process, and Markerr’s ability to leverage a wide range of alternative data sources enables it to outstrip existing data providers in gauging local employment, income, and demographic trends,” says RET Ventures partner Christopher Yip. “Even at this early stage, Markerr has already gained traction with some of the largest multifamily owners—including several RET strategic investors—underscoring the considerable value of its data analysis. We’re excited to work with Brian and the team to hone Markerr’s technology and enable a larger swath of real estate professionals to make more informed decisions.”