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  • Although all multifamily markets across the United States are contending with the pressures of a distressed economy, Orange County, Calif., remains on the investment radar thanks to its strong fundamentals and housing demand that's fueled by the desire of so many to live there. Together, these factors will go a long way in stabilizing this market in 2009, even as the nation continues its journey into unpredictable financial waters.

  • City of Industry

  • Colorado Springs may be one of the nation's most promising markets.

  • Huntsville, Ala.

    Powerful metrics and a promising future have Huntsville, Ala., shooting for the stars.

  • Houston

    As the credit crunch continues to toss the real estate market around like a toy sailboat, ever-bullish Houston remains one of the most desirable ports in the storm. Not only does the market follow a compelling model for urban greatness—approaching its future from the mindset of providing a broad-based quality of life for the masses—it also has the job growths necessary to effectively support the local multifamily market.

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