Sharon O'Malley

Sharon O'Malley is a freelance writer based in College Park, Md. She has contributed to BUILDER for 20 years.

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  • Multifamily Executive

    After establishing a post-recession foothold in the apartment industry, Toll Brothers, and other single-family builders, appears to be here to stay. Multifamily Executive's Les Shaver examines what's coming next.

  • Philips. Designed as a replacement for a 60-watt incandescent light bulb, the 12-watt EnduraLED looks similar to the familiar incandescent A19 bulb and screws into any standard light fixture. The manufacturer says the bulb uses 80% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and will last 25 times longer. The bulb delivers the same soft, white light as the incandescent bulb it replaces and works with standard household dimmers, the maker claims. 800.555.0050.

  • New toilet standards ensure water savings does not come at the expense of a confident flush.

  • Cynthia Lucas did everything she could to salvage the relationship. The senior vice president of WRH Realty Services in Jacksonville, Fla., advised her client, the owner of a large apartment building, that his planned cuts in office and maintenance staff would undermine service and quality at the property. She held weekly conference calls with the owner and her own staff. She put all of the issues on the table and hoped for a compromise. None came.

  • It took more than a year for the owners of The View@Chastain to sell half of the upscale high-rise building's 120 units. It took less than a day to sell 28 more.

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