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  • New Orleans—How long does it take to recover from a hurricane? Natives here can't say for sure, but most can see that, while rebuilt homes, businesses, and apartment buildings may line many streets, getting back to full strength is likely to take much longer than three years.

  • American Campus Communities, Inc., is betting that college towns are, if not recessionproof, at least recessionresistant.

  • Arsenal Real Estate Funds is putting its money where the market is. The Morristown, N.J.-based real estate investment manager has dedicated $152 million to investments in workforce housing, a segment of the real estate market it sees growing rapidly over the coming decade.

  • While doing business in hurricane country sounds dangerous, it does offer a certain predictability

  • When you turn on your stove to cook dinner, it probably never occurs to you that your next action could profoundly affect the lives of your neighbors.

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