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  • An experiment at the time, today it serves as an early example of current design trends in affordable housing, blended density typologies, hillside housing design, and open floor plans, all executed with the highest of aspirations ... an amazing display of how architects, coming together and working in concert, can express in built-form, impassioned ideals that influence generations.

  • The Bubeshko Terrace Apartments designed by Rudolph (born Rudolf) M. Schindler in Silver Lake showed in 1938 that high design needn't be relegated to custom homes. 

  • The local name in Barcelona, Spain, for the building is ‘La Casa dels Ossos,' or House of Bones. Rightly so, as the balconies suggest pieces of skull with mouth and eyes and the columns resemble bones.

  • “The Price Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was decades ahead of its time. Wright's unique façade treatment and massing at the Price Tower respond to the different functions within, while controlling daylighting on each of the compass exposures.

  • Le Corbusier's famed apartment building is structurally very simple.

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