It’s impossible to catch every single tweet with the latest news, data, and trends for apartment professional. That’s why I’ll be keeping track of a handful of the most compelling and important tweets that you need to know about each week. For more regular updates follow me on Twitter at @DerekMearnsMFE and follow MFE at @MFEMagazine. Here’s a few of the standouts this week:

@UrbanLandInst: 12 Changes That Will Affect Real Estate Markets: Delivered by ULI Florida Summit Experts
@InmanNews: Inman News released a special first-time home buyers report: Check out the press release

@kdutyNMHC: Fiscal Times: Housing Mismatch: Boomers Sell, Millennials Rent

@theaptnerd: NAA Post: Top 10 Social Media Priorities for Apartment Marketers

@AlbertMBerriz: Secondary Distress: Needles in a Haystack

@ZachFoxSNL: Camden CEO: Spread betw development yield and cap rates in apts as wide as I've seen. Selling at 4%, building at 6% in Austin #REITWeek.