Jon Simpson, CEO of marketing agency Canonoball, takes to the pages of Property Management Insider to talk about the importance of responsive design when it comes to apartment websites.

While many owners and managers view a community's website as a type of digital brochure, if it doesn't look good on a mobile device, an opportunity is lost. When a site employs responsive design, it adjusts to the device that's accessing it, making the user experience much more intuitive. In other words, accessing a desktop-optimized site on a mobile device makes for a frustrating user experience.

According to StatCounter’s August statistics, over 35% of all web traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices. Think of that in terms of your potential tenants. One in every three renters is coming to your site in a non-traditional browser. Couple this with the fact that more and more people are ditching traditional laptops in favor of on-the-go options like tablets, and the trend becomes pretty clear.

More and more people are using the web on smaller devices that have some inherent limitations. If a user comes to a website that doesn’t look or act right on their device, they’re far more likely to move on than to change their device. Responsive design hits the bottom line.

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