This year's Concept Community survey gauged the apartment needs and wants of more than 84,000 renters nationwide, our highest total ever.

In this installment of "Stat of the Week," we'll look at the perennial problem of packages. As online shopping continues to grow—and leasing offices stay the same size—the issue of how best to handle outsized postal parcels has become a hot-button topic.

First, we asked residents how many packages they receive in a typical month (a figure that no doubt rises during December's holiday season). And more than a quarter (26.08%) said they receive at least one a month, on average, as you can see in the chart below. Nearly 20% of respondents receive at least two packages per month, while almost 17% said they get five to 10 packages a month.

As owners and managers struggle to keep up with that volume—or simply allow drop-offs at individual doorsteps—27.24% of those polled (or more than 22,800 renters) indicated that they personally have experienced problems and/or inefficiencies with receiving packages.

Given the increasing volume of packages, many owners and managers have sought to take themselves out of the equation altogether (including some of the nation's biggest owners, such as Camden). But sometimes one solution creates another problem, such as the issue of packages that go missing once they're dropped at a doorstep. So, increasingly, owners are turning to package lockers.

For many residents, that amenity is quite a hit: Access to a 24/7 package locker has become a factor in residents' satisfaction with their apartment community. When asked how important package lockers were to them (on a scale of 0 to 10), 28.23% of renters rated them at the top—"very important"—with the clear majority indicating a preference for such on-site storage devices.

But the million-dollar question is, will they pay for it? According to the survey, an overwhelming majority of renters expect efficient delivery of their packages to be a free, on-demand amenity.

Yet, nearly 20% of those polled said they'd be willing to kick in another $5 per month to live in a community with package lockers, while 7.05% said they'd absorb an extra $10 per month. Further, 3.77% of respondents were willing to spend at least $15 more per month for the amenity.

All told, that means more than 30% of all renters are explicitly willing to pay extra to live in a community that offers package lockers. Could this amenity become standard in the next-generation apartment community?

Stay tuned.