Energy Management Systems Allow Homeowners to Monitor, Control Energy Usage

Energy management systems put homeowners in the driver’s seat.

Available in a range of capability levels, sustainability dashboards give consumers real-time feedback and control of their home's energy.


Wiring and Cable

  • Top 10 Metros for Healthy Housing

    Of 45 U.S. metropolitan areas surveyed, 40 percent have at least one health or safety hazard. Check out the top 10, and bottom five U.S. metros where dwellings are either healthy or hazardous.

  • Multifamily Apartment Operators Look to Boost Cell Phone Signals

    Multifamily apartment operators and developers are investigating cell tower and distributed antenna system installs as a competitive advantage to provide residents with better cell phone receptipon.

  • Multifamily Technology Sneak Peak: Verizon Concierge

    As Verizon Enhanced Communities deploys FiOS into a growing number of multifamily units (the company is aiming to optic into some 5 million apartments by the end of the year), the possibilities of exploiting bandwidth for more than just resident voice, video, and data service are becoming readily...

  • Yardi Acquires Energy Billing Systems

    Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Yardi Systems is preparing to announce its acquisition of Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Energy Billing Systems (EBS), company vice president of marketing Brad Setser confirmed this week in an exclusive interview with Multifamily Executive.

  • Networkers' Super Data Pipelines Ease Bandwidth Demand

    From Facebooking Gen Yers to aging-in-place Boomers who want to video chat with their grandchildren, the broadband hunger among residents seems insatiable. Whether existing infrastructure is sizable enough to handle the data stream is up for debate, but fiber-optic network installers, including...


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