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  • Julie Smith has been paving the way for her success since joining The Bozzuto Group in 1989. But nothing could have prepared her for the wealth the company has amassed over the years.

    Personal Touch

    Julie Smith has come a long way since her leasing consultant days, managing an award-winning company and its steady growth.



  • Owners, Operators Group Welcomes the Better Buildings Challenge

    Its energy-saving ideas will help Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future, a consortium of nonprofit owners and operators, meet the federal Better Buildings Challenge.

  • Orlando Low-Rise Reflects Market's Revitalization

    Pollack Shores' 326-unit SteelHouse can credit strong public-private partnerships, close proximity to public transportation, and a plethora of one-bedroom units in its success with Millennials.

  • Industry officials debate if certification is worth the cost.Worth the Green?Buying the Green Story

    Officials debate whether green certifications are worth the extra cost.

  • Harvest Time

    The true value of green certification programs goes far beyond the money you save; it’s more about the money you attract.

  • Many Happy Returns

    GE Capital's former managing director discusses senior housing, Blackstone deal.

  • Just Pluck It

    The multifamily industry is enjoying a long and prosperous run. But it's no time to sit on one's laurels.

  • MFE Question: How much can we squeeze out of the upturn? Has the market already peaked?

    This month's MFE Question. Industry leaders answer the question: How much can we squeeze out of the upturn? Has the market already peaked?

  • Leveraging Cloud-based Technology for Asset Management

    The multifamily industry is embracing new technology in the leasing office, but using it at the beginning of an asset management life cycle could make companies more competitive.

  • Lasting Upturn: Growth Expected To Continue in 2014

    There’s no question that the multifamily industry is growing, but nobody can know for sure how long the good times will last. Four multifamily experts give their take on where the industry is in the cycle and what’s in store for the next year.

  • Point: Why 2014 Will Be a Seller’s Market

    As single-property transactions and cap rates head to near-record levels, interest rates perk up, and inflation fears hover, some industry analysts (and even a few executives) have started to ask themselves—Is now the time to think about selling?

  • Counterpoint: Why 2014 Will Be a Holder's Market

    Just because it seems like cap rates can’t go down any farther, and many formerly favorable markets will be flooded with supply, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to sell.

  • Video: David Brickman Sits Down with Sam Zell

    Zell is pretty optimistic about the multifamily industry's future when it comes to homeownership, the threat of overbuilding, and the sector's recovery.

  • New Supply Outpaced by Obsolescence, According to Harvard Joint Center

    The aging apartment stock has heightened the need for maintaining and investing in more rental supply, according to this year’s Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies’ America's Rental Housing.

  • Watt Confirmed to Head FHFA

    Mel Watt will head the Federal Housing Finance Agency after all. The Senate voted 57 to 41 to confirm Watt to the post, ending a battle over leadership of the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Video: Interview with HUD Sec. Shaun Donovan

    HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan answers questions from the multifamily group's editors at AHF Live in Chicago, Nov. 20, 2013, sharing his thoughts on housing finance reform and tax reform.

  • Kushner-Jared_Kushner-Cos_small3.jpg6

    Kushner Makes His Own Name

    Jared Kushner once was perhaps best known as the son-in-law of Donald Trump. These days, however, he's making his own name for himself as president and CEO of Kushner Cos.

  • Now and Then

    But eventually, every generation evolves from rebel to authority, from revolutionary to reactionary. And in the process, every generation gives birth to the next wave of brats who believe they invented sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

  • Hunt Completes Centerline Acquisition

    The deal brings together the No. 2 and No. 3 largest apartment owners in the country.

  • NAHB: Positive Outlook Remains on Multifamily Starts

    Multifamily developers are still positive about where the industry is headed, albeit a little less so, suggests the most recent indexes released by the National Association of Home Builders.

  • Power House: Buildings Producing Renewable Energy Seek to Submeter

    A legislative victory in Connecticut enables buildings producing renewable energy to submeter electricity to their tenants.

  • How to Make a Million Dollars

    With rent and occupancy growth continuing to bless the multifamily industry, owners are in a great position to inject more value and additional revenue into their properties, with a series of strategic tweaks. The operative word is “series”—a checklist of small, incremental changes can add up to...

  • Landmark Properties' 774-Bed Retreat, Tucson, Ariz.

    Some student's can afford upscale living. These apartments support a cottage-style feeling and the buildings’ façades have flat roofs, colorful stucco sheathing, and front porches, to reflect a Southwest-meets-Craftsman vernacular.

  • Is the Single-family Rental Market Built for Success?

    Five industry experts give their opinion on whether or not single-family rentals can provide a thriving, long-term business.

  • Reis: Rent Growth on Tap for 2014, but Peaked in 2012

    A new Reis report suggests that the industry's rent growth might have peaked in 2012, although it will still continue at a slow pace.

  • The Top 10 Most Energy-Efficient States

    Massachusetts retained its No. 1 rank in this year's Energy Efficiency scorecard by the ACEEE, followed by California.

  • ULI: The High Costs of Developing Affordable Housing

    Affordable housing developers spend a huge amount of time trying to cut high development costs—but the knotty problem is difficult to untie.

  • Gold Rush: Capital Markets to Spur More Development in 2014

    Liquid capital markets are expected to spur more new development and rehabs next year, but construction costs are likely to continue rising. Meanwhile, the private sector has stepped up on the permanent debt side, providing owners with plenty of long-term financing options in 2014.

  • Looking Ahead: A Seller's Market in 2014

    As cap rates continue to drop across the nation, and more international investors circle around multifamily, many pros expect to see even more of a seller’s market materialize in 2014.

  • rsz_1rsz_57thsttower-shop-300x225.jpg4

    New York City Architects Take Midtown Skyscraper to New Heights

    With its small footprint and 74 stories of residential units, this super skinny building will tower far over the Empire State Building.

  • The Top 10 Multifamily Deals of the Year (Part Two)

    In the wake of the massive Archstone sale, several of the transactions included on this year's Top 10 Deals of the Year were the result of companies buying assets from Equity Residential and AvalonBay.

  • Moisture Control: How to Limit, Remediate Mold Exposure

    ‘Tis that special time of the year again. Mistletoe, tree trimmings, and…mold spores?

  • Chicago Launches Energy-Saving Competition

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces energy-saving competition in two neighborhoods.

  • Top Execs: What is the Biggest Threat to Multifamily's Momentum?

    Four of the industry's top execs—Cindy Clare, Rick Graf, Ed Pettinella, and Walt Smith—chime in on what they see as the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the multifamily industry's momentum.

  • Boosting NOI: Negotiating Taxes, Insurance Can Lead to Big Savings

    Shaving money off of a monthly premium can inject thousands of dollars of value into a property if owners are diligent in surveying it.

  • Melanie Gersper Takes On New Role at CFLane

    When Cocke Finkelstein acquired Lane Management back in April, the high-volume transaction quickly became overwhelming. But as the new executive vice president of operations at CFLane, Melanie Gersper is helping to steer the ship and manage the transition.

  • Domino Effect

    In assessing the biggest apartment transactions of 2013, ­it’s no surprise the Archstone/Equity Residential deal ranks first. But perhaps even more impressive is the number and size of the sales that ­occurred in its wake, some of which topped the billion-dollar mark.

  • Building Community: Four Ideas for Holiday Events

    The spirit of giving and joy during the holiday season gives property managers opportunities to build community through special, timely events.

  • Great Adaptations: Derelict Warehouse Transformed in Downtown Philly

    For more than a dozen years, a 1905 warehouse—originally a shoe factory, then home to a textile manufacturer, and, finally, Class C offices—sat vacant on the northern edge of Philadelphia’s downtown Center City neighborhood. One development team waited patiently.

  • Developer as Financier: Firms Target Mezz for Yield, and Acquisition

    American Campus Communities is just one of a small but growing number of developers offering mezzanine financing as a way of finding more yield and/or acquiring new product.

  • Cracking the Code on Managing Single-family Rentals

    Single-family rentals are widely viewed as something of a paradox: the financial opportunity is enticing, but the operational issues give owners and managers pause.

  • Many Happy Returns: Marro Takes Helm at Drever Capital Management

    GE Capital’s former managing director discusses his time at the firm, and why senior housing looks so appealing.

  • Baby Boomer Boom: Senior Housing Need to Rise In Near Future

    While much of the talk about demographic demand-drivers centers on Gen Y, there's another population poised to reshape the multifamily landscape.

  • Top and Bottom Markets for September Rent Growth

    Occupancy rates increased year over year in most of the top 10 rent growth markets, according to a September report from Dallas-based Axiometrics. And while Florida is heating up, the Washington, D.C., area is certainly cooling down.

  • Smart Strategy: A Developer's Condo Conversion Roadmap

    The condo conversion landscape is littered with the ghosts of failed developers past. But smart companies like Embarcadero Pacific are resuscitating this once-moribund market.

  • Dumpster Diving: Micro Unit Craze Taken to New Extremes

  • Deal Buzz: Steadfast Income REIT Surpasses the $1 Billion Mark

    Steadfast Income REIT acquires two properties to bring their portfolio value up to more than $1 billion.

  • NMHC Survey: What Residents Really Want

  • Five Essentials for a Green Community

    Strata Research took a look at what renters expect to see at a green community, and water conservation issues dominated the list.

  • Top 10 Metro Areas For Very Small Loans

    Very small loans made up 26 percent of the mortgage action last year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. So, which metros are the biggest for small loans?

  • Balancing Act: How to Approach Development in "Emerging Areas"

    Developing in an emerging area certainly has its risks, but a developer approaching the project the right way can have long-standing positive results on both the neighborhood, and their own bottom line.

  • b96538318689b616445a1822d8eeea35-300x168.jpg3

    Every Unit Is a Penthouse

    With private elevators and up to 6,000 square feet per unit, the TVH Entelechy has residents truly living in luxury.

  • Do Renters Really Care if Their Building Is Green?

    Many owners and managers aren't convinced that renters will pay more for green features, though surveys say they will.

  • Builders Evaluate Value of LEED, as New Version Is Prepped

    Builders evaluate the cost effectiveness of building to LEED standards, as the U.S. Green Building Council preps a new version its certification program for a November roll-out.

  • Multifamily Operators Dig Deeper Into Data Mining

    But will technology trickle down to help smaller and midsize companies?

  • Consumer Protection Agency Could Come After Multifamily

    As it continues to expand its authority over business sectors, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will likely focus on apartment industry in near future.

  • Brickman Fine-Tunes Freddie, With Eye on Future

    David Brickman continues to lead the Freddie Mac multifamily group with innovation, vision.

  • Pool.4b1-300x150.jpg1

    CALCAP Increases Phoenix Portfolio to 1,000 Units

    A recent acquisition tipped California Capital Real Estate Advisors, or CALCAP, to own more than 1,000 units in the local market.

  • Will CBD Investments Continue to Be the Center of Attention?

    In this article, Luis Mejia, CoStar Group's director of multifamily research, discusses how Central Business Districts have comprised an increasing share of the transaction market, but wonders whether CBDs will continue to attract investors at the same pace as interest rates rise and new supply...

  • Multifamily Heavyweights Debate GSE Reform

    Five of the multifamily industry's top CEOs weighed in on the fate of the government-sponsored enterprises during the CEO Power Panel at this year's Multifamily Executive Conference.

  • Top 10 Metros for Healthy Housing

    Of 45 U.S. metropolitan areas surveyed, 40 percent have at least one health or safety hazard. Check out the top 10, and bottom five U.S. metros where dwellings are either healthy or hazardous.

  • Managing, and Improving, the Make-Ready Process

    The make-ready process at your community can be made more effective with clear planning and a combination of new technology and old school methods.

  • In LIHTC Properties, Utility Allowances Can Trip Up Owners

    If managers don't pay attention to the utility allowances at a tax-credit property, they'll likely end up overcharging residents, resulting in hefty fines.

  • Modular Building: Quick and Naturally Green

    Building with the environment in mind is just part of the modular building process, experts say.

  • Image

    Walking the Walk

    There’s an inscrutable, inherent quality to leaders that can’t be taught.

  • Chief Executives Talk Leadership Lessons Learned Early

    Rick Graf, Ed Pettinella and Tom Toomey describe the biggest lessons they've learned as company leaders.

  • Opportunity Knocks: CEOs Discuss Buying and Selling in 2014

    Is now the time to sell? Three of the industry's top CEOs—Tom Bozzuto, Tom Toomey and Eric Bolton—explain if they plan to be net buyers or sellers in 2014.

  • ExpoApartments-SeattleWA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Expo Apartments

    Expo Apartments borrows its name from the Century 21 Exposition, the 1962 World’s Fair. Located in the heart of the Uptown Urban Center, the 275-unit community is part of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. It sits on 1.49 acres on the north boundary of Seattle Center, the site of the Fair.

  • PresidentialTowers-ChicagoIL_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Presidential Towers

    When the Presidential Towers was completed in 1986, it was delivered to a developing neighborhood in the West Loop of Chicago, which was formerly the manufacturing side of town. The building immediately served as a catalyst for major commercial development, improving the surrounding neighborhood...

  • RandolphTowerCityApts-ChicagoIL_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Randolph Tower City Apartments

    For years, Randolph Tower blighted the block it occupied in Chicago’s business district. It wasn’t unheard of for pieces of the terra-cotta façade of the building, built in 1929, to chip and fall on pedestrians walking below.

  • TerracesAtSantiago-SantaAnaCA_HERO-300x200.jpg

    Terraces at Santiago

    With only .85 acres to work with, and the task of delivering affordable housing to large families, C&C Development had a lot on its plate when drawing up site plans for the Terraces at Santiago.

  • ConnorGroup-KidsandCommunityFoundation-CustomerService_HERO-300x200.jpg

    The Connor Group Kids and Community Foundation

    Once the Centerville, Ohio–based Connor Group finds a mission and a group of people it believes in, it applies all the lessons it’s learned in 20 years of investing and operating. The firm, which operates roughly 14,000 units in eight markets, helps improve the planning, procedures, and bottom line...

  • 929GraduateStudentHousing-JohnsHopkins-BaltimoreMD_HERO-300x200.jpg

    929 Graduate Student Housing

    In an effort to bring modern collegiate housing to a blighted area of Baltimore, student housing developer EdR collaborated with East Baltimore Development Inc. and the city’s flagship medical institute, Johns Hopkins University.

  • MissionApts-SanDiegoCA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Mission Apartments

    AMCAL Multi-Housing took a risk when it decided to develop affordable apartments on an underutilized parking lot near the San Diego airport.

  • vPoint-ArlingtonVA_HERO-300x200.jpg1


    Transforming a church into a multifamily development generally makes for an aesthetically pleasing property. So when The Church at Clarendon put out an RFP to rebuild its quarters, The Bozzuto Group was happy to participate.

  • LongBeachSeniorArtsColony-LongBeachCA_HERO-300x200.jpg6

    Long Beach Senior Arts Colony

    A creative palette of funding sources and a flair for design made the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony a masterpiece.

  • HotelBerry-Sacremento_01_HERO_tcm23-1752931.jpg

    The Studios at Hotel Berry

    For years, developers had tried to take the blighted, unkempt, vintage-1920s Hotel Berry in Sacramento, Calif., and transform it into a gorgeous piece of property, but failed in their attempts. Yet, with patience, great partners, and a preparedness to manage the complex project, Jamboree turned it...

  • AristaUptownApts-BroomfieldCO_HERO-300x200.jpg

    Arista Uptown Apartments

    With wide-set units, 10-foot ceilings, and large windows, Arista Uptown Apartments provides residents with lots of light in floor plans kept relatively small for cost-­conscious, Gen Y renters.

  • HamiltonSquare-JerseyCityNJ_HERO-300x200.jpg4

    Hamilton Square North

    Although St. Francis Hospital served Jersey City residents for decades, its huge campus forced the closing of a vibrant commercial corridor, Pavonia Avenue, and prevented pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood. The hospital closed in 2005, and the complex, which covered two city blocks, needed to...

  • Content Management Delivers Better SEO for Properties

    A property’s social media presence drives residents to the development's online locations the quickest.

  • UnionSLU-SeattleWA_HERO-300x200.jpg

    Union SLU

    If there was any one thing the developers of Union SLU needed to get right, it was the amenities. Situated in the hip Seattle community of South Lake Union, the mid-rise building would be within walking distance of such well-known companies as Amazon and Microsoft.

  • 2013 MFE Awards

    This year, Multifamily Executive received a record number of award nominations—nearly 300 in all—in 19 categories, which illustrates not only the health, but also the vision and creativity of an industry firing on all cylinders.

  • BrockmanLofts-LosAngelesCA_HERO-300x200.jpg

    The Brockman Lofts

    Simpson Housing took a broken condo deal and turned it into one of the most luxurious apartment rental properties in downtown Los Angeles.

  • LaValentina-SacramentoCA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    La Valentina

    A blighted, contaminated site in Sacramento’s Alkali Flats area has found new life as a transit-oriented, mixed-use community that combines quality affordable housing with ground-floor commercial space.

  • LoftFive50-LawrenceMA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Loft Five50

    WinnDevelopment used state and federal historic tax credits to transform two historic mill buildings into mixed-income housing, 95 percent of which has been set aside for workforce housing. Today, the 1860s-era buildings are known as Loft Five50 and offer 75 apartment units that are twice the size...

  • CedarGatewayApts-SanDiegoCA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Cedar Gateway Apartments

    Cedar Gateway Apartments was the first affordable housing project in California to receive federal stimulus funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The 65-unit development provides affordable housing for previously homeless and disabled adults and seniors.

  • HeritageOaks-OakdaleCA_HERO-1-300x200.jpg2

    Heritage Oaks

    Construction costs for the 50-unit Heritage Oaks came in under budget, which allowed the developer, Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing, to invest the excess funds in upgraded materials and sustainable technologies.

  • AVAHStreet-WashingtonDC_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    AVA H Street

    AVA H Street is a trailblazer of Gen Y housing.

  • ParkviewLiving-LosAngelesCA_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Parkview Living

    Through innovative, cost-effective designs, architect KTGY turned a dense, urban infill site—formerly home to five duplexes—into 75 senior units that complement one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

  • 7th_H_Exterior_HERO-300x200.jpg

    7th and H

    A once-forgotten street corner in Sacramento, ­Calif., today offers the promise of a new life for formerly homeless, special-needs individuals, thanks to 7th and H.

  • UniversityHouseCentalFlorida-OrlandoFL_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    University House Central Florida

    Loaded with amenities and state-of-the-art technology, University House Central Florida was designed with Millennials in mind.

  • PostCarlyleSquareApts-AlexandriaVA-Exterior_HERO-300x200.jpg2

    Post Carlyle Square, Block "O"

    Young professionals in Alexandria, Va., calling for top-notch amenities, an urban edge, and walkability have been answered by Post Properties with Post Carlyle Square, Block “O.”

  • HarrisonStation300SomersetStreet-HarrisonNJ_HERO-300x200.jpg1

    Harrison Station 300 Somerset Street

    In 2006, Harrison Commons began remediation of a former industrial and warehouse site in Harrison, N.J. As the first building in a multiphase revitalization of the run-down area, the four-story, mixed-use property reflects the brick façades of the area’s industrial past, while showcasing...

  • SaintJohnsOnTheLake-MilwaukeeWI_HERO-300x200.jpg

    Saint John’s On the Lake: South Tower

    Saint John’s On The Lake is a senior community designed to serve the physical, intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, and emotional needs of its residents.

  • Maniacal Micro Units

    Micro apartments have been a hot trend in multifamily this year, especially in high-occupancy metros like New York City. But the "micro" apartment line has to be drawn somewhere, and we think we've found it.

  • mfehash.jpg3

    NOI Now: How to Boost the Bottom Line

    Giving a 100-unit property a million dollar boost is easier than one would think. Our panelists from the MFE Conference share how to turn a property into profit.

  • Top 10 Apartment REITs

    After acquiring about 60 percent of the Lehman Brothers’ Archstone portfolio, Equity Residential is estimated to have about $36.2 billion in assets, according to a list compiled by Green Street Advisors.

  • "Hot Spots": CRA Requirements Drive Fierce Banking Competition

    For banks trying to fulfill Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements in major markets, the competition gets tougher every day.

  • Slander or Candor? Managing Your Online Reputation

    Getting a ranting online review is bad enough. But ignoring it could be even worse, said panelists at the MFE Conference in Las Vegas.