Complaints come with the territory in the multifamily world. After all, you can't please all the people all the time.

But what are the common threads in everybody's complaint box? After analyzing 10,000 customer satisfaction surveys from residential communities nationwide, J Turner Researchhas provided a list of complaints that are most likely to be on the tip of your tenants' tongues.

The surveys were completed over the last two years, and not surprisingly, rental rates are the No. 1 tenant complaint. Here are the top 10 results from the survey:

1. Rental rates
2.Poor grounds/common area upkeep
3. Disorganized staff/lack of communication with staff
4.Quality of response to maintenance requests
5.Overall customer service of management staff
6. Quality of parking/parking availability
7. Concerns over security/safety/lighting
8.Lack of upgraded amenities
9. Pets not on leash/poor pet waste removal
10. General lack of preventative maintenance

-Linsey Isaacs is an assistant editor with Multifamily Executive magazine. Follow her on twitter @LinseyI  to continue this conversation.