flower, sense of smell
Courtesy Pixabay

Smell is one of the five senses most brands don't target, but it's one of the most important. Scents are notorious for triggering memories and emotions, possibly more than any other sense.

Developers and property managers in New York City are capitalizing on this knowledge, filling their buildings with a signature scent. The New York Times reports that some buildings are using a familiar aroma that's fresh and slightly neutral. Other properties are opting for customized scents.

ScentAirdcbyyywavxufbwvxweyatutby, the company behind the fragrances for 21 West End and Westin’s White Tea, says multifamily properties have been the largest-growing segment of its business for the last three years.

The North Carolina-based company now provides fragrances for 67 residential buildings in the New York area. While some properties, like 21 West End, choose fragrances from an existing catalog, others want something original. Find the perfect scent, and a resident — or, more important, a prospective one — could walk through the door, inhale and feel at home.

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