, a national online caregiver network, has devised "Dog Walkability" scores for 29 U.S. cities. San Francisco leads the, er, pack.

Given how important walks are for dogs’ health and well-being, we found ourselves wondering, “Well, are there cities that are better for taking your dog out on a walk than others?” We knew that sites like created ranked lists of the most “walkable” cities for humans, but we couldn’t find the same types of city “walkability” scores for our pups. So, we decided to make our own.

In a report based on its new walkability scores, determined … the amount of dog parks per 10,000 residents and each city's official Walk Score.

In its top-29 walkability list, also ranks the cities' dog parks. Unsurprisingly, outdoor-oriented Portland, Ore., tops the chart in this important renter amenity, with a score of 100. (L.A., meanwhile, sits dead last with a dog-park score of zero.)

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