Q: What type of landscaping or hardscaping do you expect to do this year?

A: As residential opportunities become more urban and housing densities increase, outdoor spaces have become a key element to a successful residential project.

These spaces tend to be limited in size, so attention to detail is more important than ever.

  • Smaller, resort-style pools, often elevated or tiered, with fountains and spray bars create visual interest and a calming sound in courtyards.
  • With limited opportunity to landscape urban projects, increased caliper sizes for trees and larger sidewalks give an immediate punch to any project.
  • If done correctly, landscape lighting—often ignored or removed altogether to reduce project costs—can soften the mass of urban construction.
  • Courtyards can be gathering places for residents, especially if they incorporate such features as high-end grills, benches, arbors, and putting greens.
  • An increased use of brick pavers and fountain entries creates interest and is inviting to potential residents.
  • Greg Lamb is senior vice president and regional managing partner for JPI in McLean, Va. To participate in future Q&As, contact Rachel Azoff at razoff@hanleywood.com.

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