Broadband and ­Security All in One

Multifamily owners looking to partner with broadband service providers to lure tech-savvy residents know that more and more providers have begun to offer home security and monitoring services. The technology behind many of those offerings is OpenHome software from iControl Networks. The most recent adopter is Time Warner Cable, which launched its IntelligentHome service last November. Comcast Xfinity Home Security, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, and ADT Pulse also use OpenHome. The Internet-based software can run on an in-home control panel, personal computer, smart phone, tablet, or other device. It pulls together security information from network-based cameras, sensors, and motion detectors, usually sold by the service provider. In addition to security, these services allow users to monitor thermostats and lights over the Internet. For more information on which service providers to partner with, visit

Eyes in the Sky


The latest high-definition security cameras from Bosch Security Systems have built-in motion, tampering, and audio detection for an added layer of protection in hallways, doorways, lobbies, loading docks, and other building locations. If either the NBC-265-P standard camera or the NDC-265-P dome camera senses that an intruder is attempting to dismantle it, the camera itself can set off an alarm. The cameras also have Secure Digital flash memory cards for storing recorded video without needing to connect to a computer. And because both units operate in high definition, they’re able to produce sharp images when zoomed in and with wider fields of view, thanks to their 16:9 aspect ratios. For more information, call Bosch Security Systems at 800-289-0096 or visit

The Lock That Roared

Home security systems are great, but they’re normally triggered only once an intruder is already in the unit. Schlage has come up with a family of battery-operated locks with built-in alarms that can sense vibration or motion at the door or handle, before the criminal can enter. The new alarmed locks can be set for three modes: forced-entry alert, which activates a siren when the lock senses any impact; tamper alert, which sounds an alarm when the doorknob or lever has been disturbed; and activity alert, which triggers two short beeps each time the door opens or closes. For more information, call Schlage at 800-847-1864 or visit

“Your Window Is Unlocked”

Andersen Corp., parent company of Eagle Window & Door, has begun to integrate sensors into select Eagle windows that can alert residents not only when their windows are open, but also when they’re unlocked. The new ­VeriLock technology incorporates widely used Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors inside the windows’ locking mechanisms. When used with an alarm system that supports the 5800 sensors, the Eagle windows communicate their status. The VeriLock sensors are available in Eagle Axiom casement and awning windows and Eagle Talon double-hung windows, as well as Eagle Ascent hinged French patio doors and sliding patio doors. For more information, call Eagle Window & Door at 800-453-3633 or visit

Perfect Fit for Fire Protection

Doug Pagano

Tyco’s Rapid Response Home Fire Sprinkler System, approved for multifamily applications up to four stories, is already a well-established brand. But recently the company introduced a nifty add-on to make installation and testing easier. The new Pathfinder Fittings, for use in CPVC pipe systems, help identify improperly cemented joints (aka “dry-fits”) through a grooved channel on the inside of the fitting. This channel allows installers to test systems using low-pressure air prior to performing a hydrostatic test. The fittings are UL listed and FM approved for use in residential applications. For more information, call Tyco Fire Protection Products at 877-438-8926 or visit

Securing the Great Outdoors

Honeywell is selling what it calls the first outdoor wireless contacts for securing areas outside residential buildings, such as fences, gates, equipment storage, Dumpsters, and more. The 5816OD Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact works with the company’s Total Connect Remote Services, which can notify residents or building managers via e-mail or text message when activity is sensed in a protected area. The unit can also be used with outdoor-rated magnetic pull-apart contacts to protect community equipment, such as generators and snow blowers. For more information, call Honeywell at 800-467-5875 or visit