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Exclusive Survey Part 3: Quiet, Stores, and Parking Exclusive Survey Part 3: Quiet, Stores, and Parking

What do your residents want in their community? A 2014 survey conducted by J Turner Research of multifamily residents nationwide has the answers. Read more

Exclusive Survey: How Your Residents Relax Exclusive Survey: How Your Residents Relax

What do your residents do in their spare time? How do multifamily residents use their apartment? J Turner Research asked these questions and more of 27,642 respondents to the 2014 MFE Concept Community Survey. Take a look. Read more

Survey Reveals Generational Trends of Renters Nationwide Survey Reveals Generational Trends of Renters Nationwide

Do residents plan to get out of multifamily housing? Who among them prefers apartment living? How many of your residents plan to buy a home in the next five year? A nationwide survey by J Turner Research for the MFE Concept Community has the answers. Read more

How to Increase Resident Satisfaction, Organically

Dallas-based LumaCorp is big on sincere customer service, meaning it won't incentivize its tenants to leave positive reviews: and yet, it's one of the most well-reviewed companies in the nation. Read more

Safety First: Crime Prevention Efforts Pay Dividends

"Crime is our industry's dirty little secret," says Brent Sobol, an apartment owner and crime-prevention consultant. "Everybody’s got it, to some degree, but no one wants to talk about it or admit it." Read more

When Natural Disasters Strike, Emergency Prep Work is Put to the Test

When natural disasters such as floods or tornadoes strike a community, all of the time spent training your staff in emergency preparation is put to the test. Here, two multifamily firms tell their tales of picking up the pieces. Read more

Taking Action After Disaster: Lessons In Crisis Management

Apartment operators are regularly faced with the full spectrum of the human condition, including death and destruction, and have to restore normalcy as efficiently as possible when dealing with a crisis. Read more

Peace of MindPeace of Mind

Thanks largely to the Internet and wireless communications, today's multifamily... Read more

Resident FitnessResident Fitness

Apartment operators seeking to outfit their properties' fitness centers have a... Read more

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