Citing tough economic conditions and the selfless commitment of the nation’s legions of service workers, Montvale, N.J.-based Emperian Property Management announced a Service Appreciation Program May 14. The program offers a 30 percent rent discount to teachers, nurses, police, firefighters, postal employees, EMT, active and retired military personnel, and members of the National Guard. Approximately 5 percent of the company’s 40,000-unit portfolio across 17 states will be set aside for resident prospects who qualify for the program. 

“Right now, when the economy is difficult and many people are struggling financially, we decided it was the right time to show appreciation for our civil servants,” says Emperian assistant vice president of acquisitions Eli Feller. “The program is a way for us to give back to the community and honor some exceptional people.”

For every 100 leases signed under the Service Appreciation Program, Emperian is additionally offering a one-year, rent-free lease to any family who has lost their home due to foreclosure. There are no additional rent commitments for participants in the foreclosure program, Feller says. “Qualifying people who see our flyers or read about the program can apply directly, and it is a straight up, one-year-free offer. No strings attached.”

Emperian points to a Toledo, Ohio, firefighter as one of its first program success stories. Identified only as Randal E., the firefighter—supporting three kids during a pending divorce—says the savings are tremendous. “Without this program, I would be struggling much more than I currently am financially,” he said in a press statement.

Feller says it’s too early to tell how many individuals across the various qualifying job positions will end up taking Emperian up on its offer, but he doesn’t seem to be too particular about the career demographics. “We’re just privileged to have such fine citizens moving into our apartments,” he adds.