Party Poopers
Student housing operators in Madison, Wis., would do well to review their insurance policies in light of a recent proposal by Mayor Paul Soglin and other city officials that would allow police to fine both students and landlords when parties become too rowdy. The kegger-killer proposal would also allow cops to intervene when an open beer keg is visible from the street. That’s hardly fair to multifamily property managers, says Madison Alderman Scott Resnick, who is against the proposal. "It makes the landlord play babysitter to a number of house parties," Resnick told the Daily Cardinal. "I don't think [the ordinance] in any way addresses the problem the mayor is trying to solve." Resnick says fines would range from $100 to $5,000 for penalties including underage drinking or overcrowding of badgers looking to be bad.

Dirty Laundry
Police in Summerville, S.C., are hot on the trail of a band of thieves that have stolen more than a dozen coin-operated laundry machines from apartment complexes across southeastern South Carolina over the past few weeks. The machines, valued between $400 and $1,500 a piece, have been ripped from the walls in at least two complexes—one property was even hit twice. Despite the value of the appliances themselves, police investigators assume the thieves are just after the change inside the machines. Sounds like a pretty paltry payoff to us, but then again, maybe they’re just after that certain April freshness.  

Bug Busters
You know sustainable building and operating practices have gone mainstream when even pest management firms are stressing that their clients go green when it comes to squashing bugs, rodents, and everything else that renders residents squeamish about their digs. Indeed, the National Apartment Association Education Institute is stressing that multifamily properties looking to green up their communities shouldn’t overlook pest management. On October 13, NAAEI will host a webinar on green pest management practices hosted by Orkin director of technical services Greg Baumann. Topics will include implementing environmentally friendly pest management methods, staff training on pest prevention, and resident communication strategies. For more information or to register, visit NAAEI’s webinar website.

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