(Un)damaged Goods
Pin-up queen Dita Von Teese may have lost her doom-goth-rocker husband Marilyn Manson to Evan Rachel Wood, but she’s not letting go of her security deposits so easily. Von Teese was awarded $5,000 in said deposit money by a Los Angeles judge this week, who ruled that her property manager failed to show any evidence of real damages alleged in his countersuit. The burlesque beauty originally sued her landlord for harassing her staff with anti-Semitic comments. Let’s see… lose one cheating, make-up-wearing husband with wonky eye, gain $5,000 victory in court. Sounds like Von Teese is finally coming out on top, figuratively as well as literally.

This Isn’t Over!
If you don’t remember, or for some reason never saw, the Will Ferrell landlord video, stop here, crawl out from underneath the rock you’ve been living underneath for the past year, and invest 2 minutes and 22 seconds of semi-NSFW time wisely. Okay, now that you're all caught up, the follow-up to the story here is that Funny or Die, the group behind this original clip, is suing their property manager for some $200,000 in an unreturned cash security deposit. When the jokesters moved out in September, the building owners allege they left behind at least the $200,000 in damages that were never reported during the initial walk through of the property. We’re not exactly legal eagles, but word on the street is that Dita Von Teese has some pretty good legal representation. 

No Wire Hangers!
And no crash-pad for your son, says a Manhattan property manager who is suing Mommy Dearest actress Faye Dunaway for allegedly violating the terms of her rent-controlled apartment lease in the Big Apple. According to legal documents, Dunaway is violating rent stabilization rules by keeping her primary residence (including vehicle and voter registration) in California, and not in the Upper East Side pad, where apparently her son is staying instead (also in violation of rent-stabilization regulations). If successful in court, the landlord will be able to raise the unit rent to a market-rate of $2,318 per month. Sounds like simple enough motivation to us, but maybe when it comes to Faye, the building owners are just not one of her fans.

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