Cancer Cure Campaign
San Francisco-based apartment and home rental ILS MyNewPlace launched a national fundraising campaign benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) this week. The goal of the year-long campaign is to raise a whopping $100,000 by recruiting MyNewPlace users to print out and deliver a donation form to the leasing office of any participating apartment community. In turn, MyNewPlace will donate $10 to BCRF for each apartment searcher who prints the listing page for an apartment that they’re interested in and delivers it to the community’s leasing office while touring the property.

“We’re grateful for the success we’ve achieved as a company and want to embrace initiatives that give back to our community. Breast cancer has affected those closest to the MyNewPlace family and considering nearly 2.5 million, or two-thirds, of our monthly visitors are women, it was a natural fit for us to make a financial commitment to find a cure for one of today’s leading women’s health issues,” said John Helm, founder and CEO of MyNewPlace. “In addition to our monetary contribution, we hope to make broader impact by raising awareness and provoking dialogue about this critical issue.” Consider us ready to join the conversation, John.

Knocked Out Absorption
If you think occupancies are starting to look sweet, consider how apartment demand is unfolding in China, where riots ensued in early January after prospects suspected a property manager of rigging the lottery for choosing how available units could be selected. According to reports from the Business Insider, violence ensued after renters left waiting in the cold suspected that preferred prospects were given advance access to available units. Tragically, one man was left in a coma after the ensuing fracas. And here in the States, all you have to do is pass a credit check, proving there is always an opportunity to consider the need for adequate housing—and the lengths to which people will go to secure it for themselves and their families.

Utility Players
Big game Sunday will soon be upon us, and if you picked perennial QB favorites such as Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady to lead your playoff fantasy football campaign, well, you’re s*&t out of luck. Does that mean you let your daily hunger for statistical minutiae lay dormant? “Hell no!” says American Utility Management CFO and CIO Bob Malpasuto, who posted this great piece comparing fantasy football with utility management benchmarking. Malpasuto argues convincingly that the understanding and manipulation of data that brings us such white knuckle entertainment in fantasy football leagues every Sunday is the perfect allegory for the evolution of apartment utility management, where today’s multifamily executive can (and should) understand the power that energy consumption data has when you look at it from every possible angle. Now if we could just find a new HVAC tech. Brees? Brady? Anyone?

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