Underdogs Emerge Victorious
The ownership board of The Village View condominium in Queens, N.Y., is out $100,000 in its attempts to evict Donna Forman and her Yorkshire Terrier Charlie after a ruling in Manhattan Court was overturned by the appellate division, allowing Forman and Charlie to keep their unit and requiring the condo board to pay up on spiraling legal fees. The condo bylaws at the time stipulated that guests and pets must not cause a nuisance—verbiage that Forman’s lawyer Michael Mauro says suggests that dogs who do not cause problems are permitted. The appellate court agreed. Since then, the condo board has moved to put more bite into the rules to prohibit all pets, although those changes will not be applied retroactively to Charlie. Woof.

Trumped Again
The Don says he is no longer involved with a controversial Florida condo development that had been billed as a “signature Trump development” but is now in foreclosure and facing lawsuits from more than 100 buyers who claim marketing for the community misrepresented Trump’s role. The conundrum echoes similar complaints with failed developments in Tampa, Fla., and Baja California where Trump licensed his name to projects that ultimately went underwater.  The yet-to-be-completed Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was conceived as a 24-story hotel-condo project, with units priced between $500,000 and $3 million. Trump says his involvement started and ended with the licensing deals, which have since expired. “We have nothing to do with the building. We had a licensing deal, and we terminated the licensing deal a long time ago,” Trump told The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.

Six-Gun Salute
It was some Veteran’s Day for a landlord in Tampa, Fla., last month who found live World War II-era explosives inside a unit he was renting to an elderly man who recently died. After discovering mortar rounds in the apartment, the landlord—who chose to remain unidentified—called Tampa Police, who dispatched a bomb squad to the scene. No one was evacuated during the two-hour sweep of the building, although officials asked other renters and neighbors to remain inside until the rounds were removed to a secure location.

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