Rotten Eggs
A trial pitting AIMCO against a former resident over unpaid rent and an alleged refusal by the resident to take down an Easter display was postponed until June 22. The case involves Carol Burdick, who says AIMCO kicked her out of her apartment because she refused to take down an Easter display on her front door last year that featured a pyramid of Peeps' brightly colored, bunny-shaped marshmallow candies. AIMCO says Burdick’s eviction was over non-payment of rent, not because of the decorations, and is suing the former resident for $2,300 in unpaid rent and lawyer's fees. Burdick acknowledges she stopped paying her rent, but only after she received a notice nine days after Easter telling her to take the Peeps down or move out. According to an article in the National Post, AIMCO spokeswoman Cindy Duffy says the letter was sent because the Peeps had the potential to become a health hazard and attract bugs. Burdick is countersuing for breach of contract and negligence, and her lawyer says he plans to prove the candies were art, not garbage, by getting Peeps enthusiasts to testify at the trial. No wonder there’s been a delay.

Real World Hookup
Lincoln Property Co. announced April 7 that it represented Washington, D.C.-based HealthHIV in signing a 10-year lease on the historic Dupont Circle home used for filming MTV’s Real World D.C. last summer. HealthHIV, a non-profit organization that works to educate, support, and assist people affected with HIV/AIDS, will lease 5,400 sq. ft. on the second floor of the four-story brownstone mansion at 2000 S St., where the organization plans to use the space as an office for its 20 employees, a community center, and a studio for videotaping training sessions that will be used online. “We have a favorable lease, which allows us to repurpose materials from the Real World D.C.,” Hujdich says. “It is a highly recognizable location that allows us to raise public awareness of HIV in Washington and nationwide.”

CityCenter Lockdown
Las Vegas-based contractor Perini Building Co. is looking for a big payout from the MGM Mirage Design group. According to a suit filed in Clark County Court, the builder is seeking $490 million for its work on a condo high-rise at the embattled CityCenter development on the strip. Perini’s lawsuit was filed two days after MGM security closed down construction, escorted workers off the site, and changed the locks, according to court documents. Perini alleges that MGM is balking at payments by claiming the project is riddled with construction defects. According to the builder, the real problems at the 66-acre CityCenter site were caused by a plague of delays and cost overruns because of design changes that arrived as many as 520 days late. Perini says such delays caused the budget to balloon from $3.5 billion to $6.8 billion.

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