A picture is worth a thousand words—or better yet, a thousand dollars. To help buyers visualize the sweeping views from their future condos, the Atlanta-based Novare Group photographs the views from various building heights and showcases these images throughout sales centers, model units, project Web sites, and ad campaigns.

“Part of the draw of many of our buildings is the view,” says Chris Kritzman, senior vice president of marketing for Novare. “And not showcasing the view [in the sales process] is the same as not showcasing hardwood floors or appliances.”

Capturing these photos does take a bit of ingenuity. For buildings under construction, Novare hires photographers to take photos from atop a crane soaring 30-plus stories in the air. And for buildings not yet off the ground, the photographer will improvise by capturing images from the top of a neighboring building.

The company incorporates as many views as possible in its marketing efforts, with a particular focus on the projects' Web sites, which often feature as many as 50 panoramic shots. At www.centennialpark.com, the site for the new Twelve Centennial Park in Atlanta, buyers and prospects can see the views change as the building virtually rotates. Kritzman hopes to ultimately go one step further and showcase the views from each individual unit. How's that for selling power?