In a recent and cleverly argued article from Rentping Media, the company makes the bold assertion that Google+ is a more vital marketing tool for apartment properties than Facebook.

Essentially, Rentping argues that since Google+ is not a traditional “social network,” it is not directly competing with the social networking juggernaut and therefore it better positions rental properties to have a web presence for the long haul.

But at the same time, the numbers don't lie: Facebook boasts more than 950 million users, while Google+ has less than half of that number. What's more, Google+ users spend less time engaged with the site than Facebook users.

Sure, Google+ seems like it could have its place in apartment marketing, but much more emphasis has been placed on Facebook campaigns across the board in the multifamily industry. So what are your thoughts? Has your company seen results with Google+ that can match the power of Facebook marketing and engagement?

Weigh in for either Facebook or Google+ as the superior marketing tool by leaving your two cents on the topic in the comment section below.