2008 MFE Awards
Community Service

Submitted by: The Bascom Group Like many first-time teachers working in or near major metro areas, Jessica Abel was having problems finding an affordable place to live. While surfing the Internet, she found Windsor Court Apartment Homes in Denver. When leasing agent Robin Elkins answered the phone, Abel couldn't believe what she was told. Since she was a teacher, she would get free rent so long as she committed to tutoring students one night per week.

This is just one of the initiatives undertaken by Windsor Court, which is owned by The Bascom Group in Irvine, Calif. Like many properties, Windsor provides free units to police officers, which has helped decrease crime at the property.

Windsor has also hosted a "Youth Infusions" program for the Mile High United Way where guests ages 14 to 23 learn how to find an apartment, sign a lease, and handle simple maintenance. By hosting and leading such programs, Windsor isn't just helping Abel but also helping those who will go through her classroom.