Among the market fundamentals every multifamily investor tracks when looking to expand a portfolio is a region's potential for future job growth. And with Millennial college graduates making up such a large chunk of the current and future workforce, and their willingness to travel to find jobs, it's critical to track employment-based migration trends.

That’s why financial reporting outlet InvestorPlace Media, sifted through its data and came up with a list of the 10 best cities for recent college graduates in 2013, based on entry-level salary, unemployment numbers, cost of living, and percentage of population umarried between age 20 and 24:

1.       Washington, D.C.
2.       Boston, Mass.
3.       Atlanta, Ga.
4.       Madison, Wis.
5.       San Jose, Calif.
6.       Baltimore, Md.
7.       New York, N.Y.
8.       Houston, Texas
9.       Chicago, Ill.
10.     Lincoln, Neb.