Village Green's multi-million dollar renovation to Axis in Chicago will offer residents stunning amenities and views of Lake Michigan and the Windy City. Image provided by Village Green.

Chicago is the nation’s most popular destination for long-distance moves, according to a new study, followed by Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.

United Van Lines released the data on Tuesday as part of the St. Louis-based company’s Summer Long-Distance Moving Trends Study analyzing which cities people moved to over the summer. The survey, which questioned customers, indicated that 71.6 percent moved for a new job or work transfer.

Each of the top three cities on the list added jobs in the second quarter, according to market analysis from Phoenix-based advisory firm Hendricks-Berkadia. Chicago’s employment rate rose by 0.4 percent and 16,400 jobs in the first half of this year while the District of Columbia’s unemployment dropped 40 basis points to 4.7 percent, according to the Berkadia reports. Atlanta’s job market added 9,100 jobs in the first and second quarter, reaching its highest level of employment since May 2008.

Here are the other most popular migration metros of summer 2014:

Top 10 Moving Destinations

1. Chicago

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Atlanta

4. Boston

5. Los Angeles

6. Dallas

7. Phoenix

8. New York City

9. Minneapolis

10. San Diego

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