CNBC's Kate Rogers profiles Boston-based start-up Ori, which is bringing to market a line of robotic modular furniture aimed at transforming tiny spaces in seconds.

The technology, geared toward areas between 300 and 500 square feet, makes furniture reconfigurable, turning a bedroom into a living room, for instance, in the blink of an eye. The system, currently being tested by Skanska and Boston Properties, among others, can be integrated and synced with any smart-home or smart-office system.

"We wanted to make spaces in homes, offices and hotels much more functional and efficient but also more intelligent by bringing robotics into play," said founder and CEO Hasier Larrea. "When you have so many people moving into the same place, you need to start being more efficient about how you use the spaces."

Ori spun off from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, which helps to accelerate start-ups and ideas focused on technologies for people to "create a better future." Larrea, who led the lab's architectural robotics research area under MIT faculty member Kent Larson, was inspired by the idea of merging robotics and furniture and having spaces adapt to the needs of people, instead of residents simply making due with the space they have in their apartments.

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