To Curtis Walker, there's no better place to work than the multifamily industry. "We provide housing for all types of families, and along the way, we create jobs that range from landscaping to regional management," says the new Post Properties executive. "What could be more satisfying than creating houses and jobs?" Walker joined the Atlanta-based apartment powerhouse in July, accepting a position as executive vice president and Southeast regional investment director at Post. Formerly a senior vice president at Fairfield Residential, Walker has a bachelor's from the University of North Texas, where he also pursued graduate studies.

Q: What appealed to you about this job?

A: The opportunity to join an excellent team and grow an existing platform that has an outstanding brand. Post Properties has a first-rate portfolio that will provide opportunities for conversions and development as well as value-add possibilities.

Q: After the economy, what do you see as a significant challenge for the multifamily industry in the coming year?

A: For REITs, it is the challenge to sell existing projects into this low-cap environment and be able to wisely replace that income within a reasonable timeframe.

Q: What are the big opportunities for multifamily firms?

Curtis Walker
Curtis Walker

A: To successfully balance the need to serve the graying population of America and its housing desires with the residential needs of the growing population of twenty-somethings.

Q: What was your first job in the multifamily industry?

A: I was first a management trainee at a large Texas savings and loan. That took an entire year, and for me, it was like graduate school for banking. In today's lightning-fast business environment, I don't think any company can afford that length of training anymore.

Q: What's the best advice anyone ever gave you about your career?

A: My college roommate's father had a sign in his stock brokerage office that read: "Don't ask if you are doing things right, but ask if you are doing the right thing!" In our business, I have taken that phrase to mean that you should always work with people and companies that you respect.