A family on the Upper West Side of Manhattan placed an ad in New York magazine in December asking for $1 million to buy an apartment so they could stay in the pricey neighborhood. The ad read:

“WE NEED HELP BUYING AN APARTMENT on the UWS, 3bd 2 bath. YOU are a philanthropic, wealthy person who would not miss a million bucks and would be interested in donating (or even investing) in a highly targeted manner: to my family. WE are a wonderful, hard working middle class family who contributes to our UWS community, is entrenched, happy and desperately wants to remain on the UWS (lest the city lose yet another wonderful family to the burbs). We can afford 600-700K, so you see the predicament. Can you help us??”

ENERGY STAR Bulk Purchasing Available

The U.S. Department of Energy has launched a new online tool to help companies make bulk purchases of ENERGY STAR qualified products. The site allows buyers to anonymously request price quotes for everything from washing machines to light bulbs from a wide variety of suppliers. For more information, visit www.energystar.gov.