Irvine, Calif.-based architectural firm KTGY Group’s newest property, the Arista , is situated in Broomfield, Colo., halfway between Denver and nearby Boulder.

Although typical Gen-Y renters are sticking to city living, Nathan Sciarra, project manager at KTGY,  thinks Broomfield is the perfect location for those looking for a lifestyle that's both urban and suburban, community oriented and pedestrian friendly-all at the same time.

The property is designed with outdoor-friendly Colorado in mind. The units are smaller, not only to drive the price down, but also to encourage people to get out of their apartments. “Smaller square footage and bedrooms encourage people to spend less time inside and get outside,” Sciarra says.

And the Arista has plenty of Gen-Y friendly amenities for residents who do decide to leave their apartments. There’s an 11,000 sq. foot courtyard that contains a pool and cabanas, a dog park, and a fitness center that Sciarra says rivals any gym in the area. He describes the informal business center as where “Apple meets Starbucks,” because it was designed as more of a lounge than a formal office.

Sciarra describes the typical Gen-Y renter in their late 20’s or early 30’s, living alone or with a roommate, and looking for more luxury than a typical apartment. “It’s a lifestyle they are looking for,” he says. They want a good work/life balance with the ability to have a place to live that’s fun, but also close to where they work.”

That’s what will drive Gen-Y to the property, says Arista’s designer, Michael Ohara. "Arista caters to young singles, couples, and roommates who commute to work or school and prefer an urban, hotel-style environment,” he says. "It will fulfill Gen-Y demand with smaller unit designs amplified by 10' ceilings and 7' by 8' view-capturing windows."

The 272-unit property is expected to start pre-leasing this month. And Sciarra says luxury amenities speak for themselves when it comes time for Gen-Y residents to sign leases.

“It has a lot to do with finishes, like quartz countertops for example,” he says. “It’s that upgraded level of finish that makes them feel like they’ve achieved something, that makes them feel like they’ve reached that next level.”