HomeUnion, an online real estate investment firm which specializes in remote single-family rental investment, has just released its first “Investment Housing Market Power Rankings” study, which ranks 31 metro areas by the strength of their single-family rental investment markets.

The study has calculated a metro’s “strength” by sorting market conditions into three categories – “offense”, or demand drivers such as short turnover time and high employment; “defense”, which covers rental loss protections such as rent-to-income ratio, and “special teams”, which covers cap rates.

The top “team” on HomeUnion’s list was Tampa, Fla, which sported a median investment home sale price of $126,700, a median investment home rent of $1,285, and a median cap rate of 6.7%. According to HomeUnion, Tampa is “supported by a league-leading offense”, with the second-highest employment rate among the 31 metros and the fifth-best turnover time.

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