Mansion Global's Lambeth Hochwald looks at the evolution of bike rooms, which have become a must-have amenity, especially in urban locales.

Though they were once an afterthought on the amenity checklist, bike rooms are being outfitted to the nines. The common areas of many luxury apartment buildings are now being designed with space explicitly carved out for bicycle enthusiasts, often complete with security cameras, air pumps, equipment lockers, secure access, and even—sometimes—a great view.

“The demographic that is driving trends in the luxury residential market values the independence provided by bicycle transit to make the most of urban living,” says Scott Leventhal, CEO of Trillist. “Cycling facilitates a more efficient commute, reduces transportation costs and minimizes the need for parking.”

This is reflective of a new trend: In major U.S. urban markets like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, where bike lanes have been multiplied and renters are more conscious about the environment, biking to work or for exercise and pleasure has become extremely popular, says Steve Fifield, chairman and CEO of Fifield Co., the developer of NEXT.

“Not only have we expanded the size and capacity for bike storage at our new buildings, our ‘bike kitchens’ have vending machines for tubes, patch kits, etc.,” he says. “And, as an added bonus, for those residents with very high-end bikes, we offer specialized enclosed bike storage.”

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