Show stopping model units can make or break a condo sale. But according to New York Times contributing writer Tim McKeough, developers are now taking their impressive model units to new heights to impress potential buyers—by offering them the entire model unit, furniture and all. Well, a replica of one at least.

At the Fifty Third and Eighth condo development in New York City, the HFZ Capital Group, which developed the property, and furniture retailer Design Within Reach partnered to create model units with product availability in mind, essentially creating turnkey units complete with everything from furniture to bed sheets and dishware. Developers have discovered a market for homes that provide buyers with the inspirational model units they envision themselves in when they make the sale—for a price. At Fifty Third and Eighth, a furniture package can range from $39,000 to $60,000.

Jordan Feldman, an associate of HFZ, noted that “a lot of people are first-time buyers here,” who sometimes struggle to envision a completed home. “Even though we already had model units, we thought we could attract a lot more buyers by making them feel like everything’s been done for them already.”

Other developers besides HFZ are also catching on. The Claremont Group offers a similar move-in ready option, designed by Amsterdam-based Piet Boon:

“When buyers move in, they can have the full Piet experience, from flooring to furniture to carpets to drapes to accessories,” said John Lari, a principal of the Claremont Group. “If it helps us get our buyers excited and makes it a less stressful process and move for them, we’re all for it.”

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