The last time Obama was sworn in, a hotel room was nowhere to be found in the metro D.C. area. Tourists, supporters, and patriots flocked to the city from across the nation to get a glimpse of the monumental day.

Now, less than a week away from a repeat of that event, local residents have wised up and are looking to make a pretty penny off of the visitors coming to watch the POTUS get sworn in for a second term. Once again, hotel rooms are scarce. So residents are opening up their homes to visitors of the District for the weekend. But it’s going to cost them.

A quick glance on the “sublets/ temporary housing” section of the Washington, D.C. Craigslist page shows no shortage of people willing to vacate their own homes for the right price.

Some landlords are a bit more ambitious than others, though. Weekend rentals for the inauguration run anywhere from $60 per night in the D.C. suburbs of Maryland and Virginia, to lavish townhomes in the heart of downtown D.C. going for as much as $3,600 for the weekend.