The relationship between property managers and Airbnb has been tense for years. Airbnb lets individuals rent out spare space in their homes to guests, a business plan many property owners dislike.

Now, Aimco, which oversees more than 50,000 properties, is taking Airbnb to court, reports Business Insider staffer Biz Carson. Aimco filed lawsuits in both California and Florida seeking monetary damages and court orders preventing Airbnb from listing its units.

"It is not acceptable to us that Airbnb actively promotes and profits from deliberate breaches of our leases, and does so in utter disregard of the disrespectful and unsafe situations created for our full-time residents and their families," Aimco CEO Terry Considine said in a press release.

Aimco says that it reached out to Airbnb three times in the fall to alert the company that the listings on its platform violated its leases. Yet, the home-sharing platform did nothing about it and continued to maintain the listings, Aimco claims.

"This attack on the middle class by powerful interests is wholly without merit," said Airbnb spokesperson Nick Papas.

Multifamily Executive covered this issue in depth last year.

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