As more and more multifamily owners and managers try to reduce water consumption, they’re finding that installing low-flow faucets, high-efficiency toilets, and showerhead aerators isn’t enough—they must also communicate their water conservation efforts to their tenants to maximize water savings.

“Along with the physical upgrades, there has to be an apartment resident educational/informational objective,” says Steve McCoy of Concierge Construction Co.

The Houston-based firm handles all construction-related work for Concierge Asset Management, an apartment owner with properties primarily located in Texas. The company has installed a number of water-conserving products in its properties, including faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads from Niagara Conservation. Concierge is also testing kits from Niagara that retrofit traditional, single-flush toilets into dual-flush units.

“Educating the resident about your water conservation upgrades is very important to the program’s success,” McCoy adds. “Informing the resident that you’ve installed aerators and [water-saving] showerheads and toilets will avoid calls from the resident who thinks there’s something wrong with the water pressure.”

In addition, you’ll be encouraging residents to be more accountable about their water usage and take a more active role in saving water themselves, McCoy says.  

Temperature Control: TOTO’s NEOREST II HEF super-slim faucet sports a contoured, jointless body. It features instant, accurate water temperature control and an LED light that ranges from red at its hottest temperature (107.6 degrees) to blue at its coldest (93.2 degrees). The many shades of hue in between reflect the variations in water temperature. For more information, call TOTO at 888-295-8534 or visit

High Pressure: The EPA recently rewarded Alsons’ Traditional Water-Amplifying Fluidics Shower Head with its WaterSense label. The showerhead features patented Fluidics Technology, which provides the sensation of a high-flow shower while significantly reducing water usage, to a 1.5 gpm flow rate—a 40 percent water savings compared with standard showerheads. For more information, call Alsons at 800-421-0001 or visit

Flexible Flow: Inspired by the fluted scallops of a seashell, Delta Faucet’s Addison Kitchen Collection features delicate curves with a subtle hint of Art Deco design. With its “Multi-Flow” pull-down wand, users can toggle easily between spray and stream modes. The standard flow rate is a water-efficient 1.5 gpm for both modes, a savings of up to 32 percent above the industry standard 2.2 gpm in the kitchen. For more information, call Delta Faucet at 800-345-DELTA or visit

Conserving Commode: The new Porcher Solutions collection offers several water-conserving toilets, including a one-piece unit available in a 1.28 gpf high-efficiency model and a wall-mounted dual-flush toilet, which offers users the choice of flushing at 1.6 or 0.8 gpf and features a Geberit in-wall tank system for the ultimate in space-saving design. For more information, call Porcher at 800-359-3261 or visit

Awesome Aerator: Niagara Conservation offers a collection of low-flow kitchen aerators to help lower water and energy usage. Niagara’s 1.5 gpm kitchen aerator offers high-pressure flow rates that provide an even spray pattern. The unit features a swivel-action design for easy use and an on/off valve, along with a 10-year guarantee. For more information, call Niagara Conservation at 800-831-8383 or visit www.niagara­

Forceful Flush: American Standard’s H2Option dual-flush toilet allows users to decide how much water to use for each flush, potentially saving up to 25 percent more water than current industry standards. Users select either a “light” flush for liquids or a “heavy” flush for solids, and PowerWash technology scours the bowl with every flush. For more information, call American Standard at 800-442-1902 or visit