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Troy Evans

Access control and data management are made easier with LiftMaster's Internet Protocol Access Control (IPAC) system. The internet-enabled system uses Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) to eliminate the need for analog phone lines. The result is more robust service for high-rise properties, gated communities, and other facilities with access control needs.

Unlike other systems that require a dedicated computer terminal or installed software to manage access control, property managers can access the IPAC system from any browser or device, anywhere, anytime for easy management of resident information. The system stores a database of up to 50,000 residents, helping to ensure extensive system memory space for large communities and facilities.

“LiftMaster is committed to ensuring our customers can connect to and control their access systems, even when they aren’t physically on site,” says LiftMaster marketing director Scott Blue. “The ability for IPAC to leverage a high-speed connection, instead of dial-up with a traditional analog phone line, allows our customers to work smarter, not harder.”

In addition to ease of use, IPAC includes LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0 technology that bolster's the system's communications signal. IPAC hardware includes a large, intuitive color touchscreen interface that for easy navigation by all users, as well as a full keyboard so guests can quickly find residents without scrolling. Anti-glare coating and auto dimming make the screen easy to read the screen in any light. The interface's contemporary design is made from durable materials that can withstand constant use and hold up even in extreme environmental conditions. Enclosed in an available IP65-rated weathertight enclosures, IPAC can operate year-round in temperatures from -20F to 130F.