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Pooled Income Stream for Public Benefit

Strip Mall and Single-Family Housing Cluster: Single-family houses, complete with backyards, placed on top of a layer of parking on the roof of an existing strip mall. A public greenway and park takes the place of the existing parking lot.

Expanding Greenbelt and Stacked Mixed-Use: An existing parking lot is capped with a new undulating greenbelt structure. Single-family houses, multifamily units, and office spaces are placed on top of the greenbelt structure.

Train Station and Mixed-Use Regional Center: Multifamily housing and greenbelt placed on top of regional retail and an existing light-rail line.

Suburban Furniture: Portable Seating and Playing Surfaces; Exercise Station/Stoop; Community Water Tower/Lounge

Suburban Furniture: Community Cooking Station; Pet Hydration Stand; Impromptu Performance Space

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