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Gym-in-a-Box Don’t know enough about exercise equipment to outfit your buildings’ fitness centers from scratch? feels your pain. The retailer of commercial gear has developed a line of pre­designed equipment packages to help multifamily owners get up and running quickly and cost-effectively. There are weight packages, which include free weights, kettle bells, weight racks, and weight benches; cardio packages, which offer combinations of elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, and exercise bikes; and an all-in-one fitness center package with everything needed to equip a new fitness space. For more information, call at 800-895-4181 or visit

Good Vibrations It may become the hottest attraction at your properties’ fitness centers. The FreeMotion Vertex uses vibration training to cause multiple muscles to contract quickly and repeatedly, giving users a greater workout in less time. It has an oversized platform, on which users can balance, step, or perform tai chi or any other exercise while the vibrations do their thing. A control console allows exercisers to select the duration, frequency, and amplitude of activity, and a special activation key ensures safe use. For more information, call FreeMotion Fitness at 800-999-3102 or visit

A Better Walk (or Run) Cybex International says its new 770T Treadmill was designed and built to better reflect the body’s natural movement when running or walking. The deck is soft at the landing area, firm in the middle, and rigid up front to match the biomechanics of running. It’s also gadget-friendly: The CardioTouch display gives users access to exercise programs and entertainment. While enjoying a jog, they can charge an iPod or iPhone and scroll through their playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, and more. For more information, call Cybex International at 888-462-9239 or visit

Video How-Tos If your residents aren’t exactly sure what to do when they walk up to a body-building machine, this piece of equipment is for them. Life Fitness added an optional touch-screen display to its Signature Series Cable Motion Dual Adjustable Pulley machines to give users access to more than 60 video demonstrations at their fingertips. The display can be mounted directly on the machine or on a wall nearby. For more information, call Life Fitness at 800-634-8637 or visit

Tap Your Inner Lance This exercise bike gives users the experience of racing downhill. That’s because ProForm’s Tour De France is the official training bike of the world-famous cycling race. Powered by Google Maps and iFit Live technology, the machine lets users choose one of 24 preprogrammed courses and monitor their progress on a built-in screen. It even automatically tilts up or down when the selected course dictates going up or down a hill. An on-board computer calculates wind resistance based on the rider’s body dimensions, and built-in Wi-Fi allows users to synch their results with For more information, call ProForm at 888-742-0128 or visit

Connected Cardio Precor’s new Experience Series of cardio equipment includes three distinct display consoles—the P80, P30, and P20. When added to Precor fitness machines, such as the AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer elliptical machine (pictured), the consoles make exercising an interactive experience. The high-end P80 has a commercial-grade capacitive touch screen (important, since lots of residents will be touching it) that supports finger-swiping gestures to flip through screens. It even has an Ethernet port for adding Internet and other networked programs. For more information, call Precor at 800-786-8404 or visit

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