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Loud neighbors are not a nuisance with Quiet Solution's QuietRock drywall, which installs and finishes like standard drywall and provides the same noise reduction as eight regular sheets. Products range from QuietRock 510, the lowest-cost soundproof drywall on the market, to QuietRock 545THX, the only THX-certified drywall product on the market.

Serious Materials' EcoRock low-energy drywall is among the first green replacements for standard drywall. Drywall production consumes 1 percent of all industrial U.S. energy use, generating 51 million tons of greenhouse gases; EcoRock cuts energy usage by up to 90 percent.

The accel-E wall panel system replaces traditional framing, insulation, and sheathing components with a single, easily installed system. It combines the strength and performance of cold-formed steel framing with the superior insulation properties of expandable polystyrene.

Moisture and mold are natural enemies of traditional drywall, but DensArmor Plus can take it. This fire-resistant, paperless interior drywall is the first gypsum drywall product to receive indoor air quality recognition from the Greenguard Environmental Institute.

Typar's Metro-Wrap protects interiors from moisture and sun. Specifically engineered for the commercial construction environment, it offers a resilient water- and moldresistant barrier with tear strength almost five times that of the leading polymeric wraps. It also provides UV protection for up to a year.

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