Jujuy Redux

The eight-story Jujuy Redux apartment building is located in the formerly industrial Pichincha district of Rosario, which is Argentina’s third largest city.

The building’s eye-catching balconies were achieved with a series of diagonal steel-reinforced concrete trusses supporting cantilevers, with on-site formwork by Aserradero Soldini and concrete from local company Tecbeton.

South façade.

The north face of the building is strictly orthogonal in its design, and will likely be occluded by future development in the neighborhood.

Entrance from street.


Triangular cutouts in the concrete structure are visible from within the marble-floored lobby.

Each of the 13 units includes a balcony, with more of the cutouts visible through sliding glass doors from CNP Sistemas de Aluminio.



Balcony with integrated bench.


View of Rosario from rooftop sundeck.

The geometry continues on the rooftop sundeck, with its wooden decking and tile floors.

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