1030 East 62nd Street

Front of the old industrial building used as RDL Architects’ case study project for MFE’s Concept Community. The original building was constructed in 1928.

A view of the project building along east 62nd street.

Currently abandoned, the architect’s plan for the interior of the existing structure will be aimed at Millennials--roomy, light filled living spaces and artist’s studios and galleries.

The high ceilings will allow for creative design options of the common areas of the complex.

The first floor and elevation blueprints of an old industrial building in the St. Clair neighborhood located in eastern Cleveland. As part of MFE’s Concept Community and the up-and-coming neighborhood’s plan to ‘upcycle’ and revitalize the area, RDL Architect plans to create a design that converts the building into rental and condo units, while adding a new construction piece.

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