10 Student Housing Projects We Love

This four-story dorm opened in August 2010 as a residence hall for freshmen students at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Each suite contains two private bedrooms and one bathroom. There are common areas on each floor for studying and socializing. A game room on the first floor doubles as a media room with black-out shades and a high-tech audio/visual system. The lobby is clean and spacious, with a high vaulted ceiling that extends toward the game room, separated from the lobby by tall windows with inlaid artwork of falling leaves. Located just a short walk from the campus’ main quad, students living in Windward Commons will find comfortable living in a convenient location.

  Windward Commons -         School: Armstrong Atlantic State University -         Location: Savannah, Georgia -         Opened: August 2010 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: University Housing Services, Inc. -         No. of beds: 569 -         Unit Mix: private and semi-private two-bedroom suites -         Development Cost: $26 million -         Rents: $2,948-$3,080 per semester

This student community of 65 separate cottages with low-pitched roofs and front porches is ideal for the progressive college student looking for privacy and a sense of community. The cheerfully colored cottages boast six different floor plans ranging from three to five bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and large closet. Designed for roommate living, there are no master bedrooms, and every bedroom in a unit is roughly the same size. Each cottage has its own outdoor area as well, and residents can make use the community pool on hot days. The Retreat is less than 2.5 miles from the university’s main campus.

  The Retreat at Knoxville -         School: University of Tennessee -         Location: Knoxville, Tenn. -         Opened: August 2010 -         Placement: Off-campus -         Developer: Landmark Properties -         Unit Mix: 65 cottages, ranging from three to five bedrooms -         Development Cost: $64.1 million -         Rents: $535-$590 per month

Built along a lake and centered around an English-style clubhouse, The Cottages of Baton Rouge are surrounded by lush landscaping and lawns. Amenities include free WiFi; tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts; resort-style pool; and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Though located less than 2 miles from campus, students who don’t want to walk can take the bus to and from the university. Residents choose from one- to five-bedroom cottages with private bedrooms and stainless steel Whirlpool appliances. In addition, the cottages are all pet-friendly, and a pet washing station is located behind the clubhouse. Rents are extremely affordable, falling as low as $515 per month.

  The Cottages of Baton Rouge -         School: Louisiana State University -         Location: Baton Rouge, La. -         Opened: August 2010 -         Placement: Off-campus -         Developer: Capstone Properties -         No. of units: 382 -         Unit Mix: one to five bedrooms -         Development Cost: $90 million -         Rents: $515-$945 per month

The South 40 House, home to 225 students in one- to three-bedroom units, boasts an array of food and shopping services. The lower levels of South 40 house a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with a dance studio and personal trainers; a market, bakery, and kosher kitchen; and a comfortable media lounge. The third, fourth, and fifth floors hold about 222 upper-class students, who make frequent use of on-site study rooms, computer labs, and common social areas. South 40 House is located on campus and has all the amenities to keep students who want to stay close to class satisfied. South 40 House is LEED-certified.

  South 40 House -         School: Washington University in St. Louis -         Location: St. Louis -         Opened: August 2009 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: Mackey Mitchell and Associates -         No. of beds: 225 -         Unit Mix: one to three bedrooms -         Development Cost: $53 million -         Rents: $6,984-$10,492 per year

Centrally located to all academic buildings, Taylor Place at Arizona State University offers students modern units in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Rooms come fully furnished with extra-long twin mattresses, desks, and chairs. High-speed internet is provided, and utility costs are included. There is an in-hall fitness center, dining room, and retail store, and designated study areas are located on every other floor. The contemporary exterior allows plenty of natural light into the building’s interior spaces. Proximity to both the campus and the city make Taylor Place ideal for upper-class students.

  Taylor Place -         School: Arizona State University -         Location: Phoenix -         Opened: August 2008 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: SmithGroup Architecture -         No. of beds: 1,284 -         Unit Mix: standard double-room units; semi-private singles -         Development Cost: undisclosed -         Rents: $3,580-$3,975 per semester

Wall, Campbell, and Potter Halls all comprise the second phase of construction on UC Davis’ Tercero South campus, which opened last fall for the freshman class of 2014. Each four-story building provides beds for nearly 600 students. The three halls form a ring with a courtyard in the middle, and a large metal-framed awning hangs over the side of Wall Hall to protect students from rain and sun. The awning also roofs a large glass-walled lounge for all Tercero students. The three buildings were constructed with the environment in mind, boasting many energy-saving features, including shutters designed to push hot air out and let cool air and sunshine in.

  Tercero South -         School: UC Davis -         Location: Davis, Calif. -         Opened: August 2010 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: Mogavero Notestine -         No. of Beds:  592 -         Unit Mix: single, double, and triple occupancy rooms -         Development Cost: $55.2 million -         Rents: $10,299-$14,385 per year

Washington State’s newest residence hall is open to students at all levels. Offering a central two-story lounge with a gas fireplace, Olympia Avenue allows students to easily learn and socialize. Lounges, studies, kitchens, and laundry facilities are located on each floor, while innovative, environmentally friendly features—geothermal heating and cooling; site restoration with natural landscaping and vegetation; reduction of light pollution and storm water collection—make this one of the greenest dormitories in the nation. Located just south of the main campus, Olympia Avenue won the Gold Nugget award for Best Campus Housing Project in 2010 from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

  Olympia Avenue -         School: Washington State University -         Location: Pullman, Wash. -         Opened: August 2009 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: Mithun -         No. of beds: 230 -         Unit Mix: two- to four-bedroom suites; standard dorm rooms -         Development Cost: $26 million -         Rents: $8,870-$11,970 per year

Named after a famed Boston University and Red Sox alum, 33 Harry Agganis Way is a new, 26-story luxury dormitory that offers housing to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Located on the west side of campus, not far from downtown Boston, Agganis’ North and South towers house 960 students in dormitory- and apartment-style rooms. The building was constructed with several innovative, energy-saving features. The roof is made from a highly-reflective material that helps reduce the heat-island effect, and 90 percent of the indoor spaces receive ample natural light. Rooms come equipped with occupancy sensors for control of lighting and fans. Students living on the upper floors are given a great view of the surrounding Boston area and the campus facilities below.

  33 Harry Aganis Way -         School: Boston University -         Location: Boston -         Opened: August 2009 -         Placement: Off-campus -         Developer: Cannon Design -         No. of beds: 960 -         Unit Mix: suites with six bedrooms, four singles and two doubles -         Development Cost: $155 million -         Rents: $10,590-$11,848 per year

University of Chicago’s eight-story South Campus Residence Hall was designed with transparency and openness in mind. It is divided into eight four-story houses, each with internal staircases and spacious lounges. The building also features two courtyards, two large common areas, a reading room, music room, and a street-level café and convenience store. A short walk from the main campus, South Campus Residence Hall engrosses students with its carefully planned community feel, while they absorb natural light through the many windows that envelop the airy building. Many of the building’s residents feel South Campus Residence Hall is the most social dormitory on campus, due partly to the building’s spaciousness and transparent exterior.

South Campus Residence Hall -         School: University of Chicago -         Location: Chicago -         Opened: August 2009 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: Goody Clancy and Associates -         No. of units: 811 -         Unit Mix: doubles, singles -         Development Cost: $104 million -         Rents: $6,597-$7,758 per year

Millennium Hall is a suitable name for Drexel’s newest dormitory. Eighteen stories high, Millennium Hall is laterally off-set at every floor to create a spiraling effect and give the structure a visible lean. Every floor has a student lounge equipped with a flat-screen television, comfortable seating for social interaction, and floor-to-ceiling windows for great views of the city. The top floor provides a panoramic view of the Philadelphia skyline. Meanwhile, the roof was designed to reduce storm-water runoff, diminish the heat-island effect, and provide solar shading. It’s the farthest dormitory from central campus, though still only a short walk, but well worth it for the building’s stirring architecture and comfortable living arrangements. Millennium Hall received an Award of Merit from the Delaware Valley Association of Structural Engineers.

Millennium Hall -         School: Drexel University -         Location: Philadelphia -         Opened: August 2009 -         Placement: On-campus -         Developer: Intech Construction -         Architect: Erdy McHenry Architecture -         No. of units: 482 -         Unit Mix: two-student suites -         Development Cost: $42 million -         Rents: $2,900 per quarter

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